Level-Up Gaming - School Holiday Camp - Tuesday 26 Sept
26-09-2023 – 26-09-2023
1 Day

Level Up Esports School Holiday Camp

Tuesday 26 September 2023

$90 for one day per child

8.30am – 3pm

Palmerston Recreation Centre

Ages 8 – 16 years

Minecraft, VR Stations, Ps4

Level Up sessions provide a wonderful space for children to find new friends and to interact with others over shared love of online gaming. Session sizes are usually capped to ensure appropriate supervision and are highly organised; with high behavioural expectations from participants.

At Level Up sessions, children are supported to develop their skills within their own Minecraft world, but they also have breaks throughout the day and have the opportunity to participate in competitions, quests and mini-lessons. Each of these aspects is guided and facilitated by the camp leaders. All Minecraft activity occurs on a secure server and is strictly supervised at all times.

Physical activity sessions are dispersed through the day. 

We're committed to creating a well-rounded and enriching experience for all our participants. Alongside the excitement of gaming, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy screen-life balance. Our dedicated mentors will be leading engaging discussions on this topic, sharing valuable insights on how to strike a balance between gaming and other aspects of life. We believe that learning to manage screen time is essential for fostering a balanced lifestyle, and our mentors are here to guide particpants in making mindful choices. Let's embark on a week of fun, learning, and responsible gaming together!